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Sparrow in Saturn R̶e̶t̶u̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Reborn

"It’s always exciting living in Fraggle Rock. That’s what’s wrong with the place."

Rebecca Sparrow Wanderlust
2 February 1984
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Okay so I made this blog to post entries for LJ Idol

I am inspired by rock and roll, Richard Siken, my friend Bridget, my Grandmother, sunlight and Snoopy.
I believe that deep down I am a socialist but too pessimistic to be political.
I’m kinkier than I appear to be.
I have recently discovered I really love Rose flavored things.
I got a 1090 on my SATs. I had potential once.
I once road tripped across the US in a Ford F-350 conversion van that ran on recycled cooking oil.
Snoopy and Woodstock are my OTP.
I often feel displaced in time like I’ve been reincarnated more times than I can count if that sort of thing really happens.
I was more afraid signing up for LJ Idol than I was walking alone down an endless stretch of Texas highway at 2am with a only a tent and a bottle of water.

I am usually making references to obscure fictional worlds and speculative futures

I abuse punctuation and collect new words at the bottoms of my pockets like matchsticks waiting to be struck

I’m in a codependent relationship with the city of San Francisco but I can’t seem to sit still for very long, and have been know to drop everything and move to the other side of the country, like a bird flies south; a fugitive getting out of dodge; in the middle of the night, adjusting my sails to catch the wind...

I am often told I get points for style, when really just pretending to be a time traveler or stealthily cosplay-ing my own characters. People often don't even notice when I'm wearing my elf ears at the market and I've given serious consideration to body modification because I feel like I look better with pointy ears.

I don't like labels or boxes, especially boxes, because they don't have windows, but I have had to fight to be my truest self and therefore here are some words I would willingly write on a sticker and wear proudly on my shirt: queer (af!), multi-racial, rebel, wanderer, gender nonconformist, non-monogamous, free-spirit, (aspiring) yogi, freegan, fey, wordsmith, stoner, geek